Show and Tell

16th May 2015, author: admin


This year, Memphis College of Art called on our company to display our figures as sculptural pieces designed to illustrate stories in a three dimensional form to complement two dimensional art illustrations for award winning children’s books. In The Original Art 2014-2015: Celebrating the Fine Art of Children’s Book Illustration, an annual juried exhibition from the Society of Illustrators in New York, the complement of sculptural and illustrative forms played to the amazement of the public as well as the art students at the college.


The brand new Tobin Center for the Performing Arts in partnership with the Children’s Fine Art Series, has just produced their first International Puppetry Festival featuring the work of performers from Vietnam, United Kingdom, and France, along with companies from US. “Out of the Mist…a Dragon”, was one of the first to be selected for this Festival. It stood out for the span of cultures presented and the attention given to the stories adapted for the piece. The outreach program following the performances gave the hundreds of audience members a new insight into the art of the puppet. It was an honor to have been selected.

Other national and international puppetry festivals that have featured our work are:

Nashville International Puppetry Festival (three years), TN

Festival Del Patrimonio Colombiano, Villa de Leyva, Colombia, South America

Puppeteers of America National Festival, Atlanta, GA

Puppeteers of America Regional Festival, Ashville, NC