The Story of How and Why

15th Feb 2015, author: admin

Fascination with articulated objects has existed since the day when man lived in caves. We imagine a cave dweller fulfilling his place in the tribe by reenacting the big hunt with a swatch of fur and bones, and being seen as a magician, a visionary…a poet. Here is where it probably began…

Theatre has always been the crossroads of multiple art forms. The story is the foundation, the play, where humans in all guises interact and explore…what else…humanness…up on a high platform…the stage, for all of us to see. The actor, ready with his interpretation, is cloaked in bright fabrics and his surrounding made to look real with the flick of a painter’s wrist. Music floats through the air to make the emotions sparkle…song, dance, all to serve the story. It is not far to go to consider building forms and shapes that escape the human form, bringing into full dimension mythical beings, and then setting them in motion. That has been our profession, our history, our fascination.

How far will we go to reach out for that suspension of disbelief… as far as our imagination will take us.